Sunday, April 7, 2013

Try Just One More Time


I wrote in my other blog that I was foiled again in my attempt to keep up with healthy living. It was fun though! We went to the Bierstube with Trudie & Leo to enjoy (yet again) a perfectly prepared schnitzel. Yum. And of course the company was good. On the drive down there we saw two fields with herds of deer - each one must have had 6 or more deer. They were in the cornfields looking for leftover kernels.

The day was sunny yesterday, as was today - perhaps spring is really here. Nope - checked the weather forecast and snow or freezing rain is in the agenda for tonight. Later in the week it is calling for weather in the teens, but they haven't exactly been accurate this "spring" so I'll believe it when it happens. We still have scads of snow in the fields so we aren't going for our little tramp around the property yet. Hopefully soon.

I went to visit my brother Graham today and had a lovely visit. There was a DQ just around the corner from his place which I resisted! Mmmmm... Skor blizzard... so hard to pass by. Then I drove by three Tim Hortons... a chocolate covered donut would have tasted so good... I might have even had to have 2 of them. But I passed them by as well. Once I got home I had a snack of 4 stalks of celery - not as tasty as the DQ or Tims - but better!


I stepped outside to what by the thermometer was supposed to be a warm day. Ha. Hardly. The wind whipped against me with near freezing wind chill. And the smell. Yuck. All the other seasons are blessed with fragrant air. Summer has grass, clover and a myriad of other flowers ; Autumn has the sweet smell of fallen leaves ; Winter is special with the absence of all fragrances - so austere. Spring though is burdened with rotting, mouldy grass and dog poop. Ewww!

This afternoon I was reading in an old magazine (1994 - yes I am a packrat!) with low fat recipes and menu plans all touting to be healthy. It was strange to see all the photos of white bread and pasta and sugary treats. There was a recipe for a breakfast that included a cup of mini marshmallows! Crazy. Our knowledge of nutrition has come a long way (I hope).

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A. Edison