Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Sleep over on the Rideau

We had a sleep over last night at Ruth & John's place on Rideau Lake. We've known them since 1996 - they were our first parrot baby parents. Our friendship quickly developed and Ruth became the hand-feeder of all of our parrot babies. There have been times when we haven't seen each other for a while, maybe even more than a year, but always it is like we saw each other yesterday. Some friendships are like that.

Ruth's home is a paradise for birds. Luckily for Grace she is going to stay with them this summer when we take our big trip. It will much much more fun for her to be at the 'lake' with other birds, than spending over 2 weeks in a tiny travel carrier. We will miss her though.

Cato and Bailey have big play gyms that hang from the ceiling, and nicely situated in front of the window overlooking the lake. When it is warm out they have big aviary's at the back of the cottage, and others at the front. All equipped with the most amazing toys. Ruth used to make bird toys to sell in the pet stores, but since she has gotten out of that she sent me home with bags and bags of toy bits, baskets, and bobs to make things for Grace. Some of it would have come in handy last week when she spent so many days stuck in her little carrier with hardly a toy.

Ruth brings the birds out onto the kitchen counter for some bedtime oatmeal every night. Grace was happy to participate.

The dogs were along with us, so with our 3 and their 2 it was a kennel of pooches. Kabira was beside herself - she has very low confidence around other dogs (she's been sent to the vet 3 times by another dog), and she feels she has to protect me and Bella & Spike so she just doesn't settle down. I would hope that with some time she would relax. She is going to be a wreck when she's at the kennel in Calgary. They are all going to be freaked out with that as they have never been kenneled, and only very rarely left with someone else. But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

Spending time at the lake with Ruth and John is never good for the waistline ;-) Ruth is a great cook, and we treat ourselves to a few adult beverages ;-) I had hoped it would help to soften the bed which it did... but alas... the cuckoo clock in the next room made sure we never got more than 1/2 hour of sleep at a time. I'm sure people get used to them...

This morning Bass (fishing) season opened so there were lots of boats on the lake. It was a perfect morning for them.

I can't end the post without another photo of a peony. They are almost in full bloom and will be over soon. I can't get enough of them, and can never pass them by without burying my face in the blooms.

The hay is ready to be cut - they just need the right weather forecast - the farmer needs 3 dry days in a row which are hard to come by this year. Carm was out cutting grass again today. I felt so guilty that I couldn't be out there working hard as well, but I was just totally wiped out from the last few days. I forget now and again that I can't keep up a fast pace for very long. (it was worth it though!)

I am loving my camera...

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
Elbert Hubbard