Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back down the Laneway - No Shouting!

We got home safe and sound yesterday afternoon - no divorce in the laneway either! It was an almost perfect backup :-) No shouting required!

I'm always amazed when we get home in one piece - there seem to be a million things to do to get the trailer ready for the road... did I remember to close all the windows, pick up the dog water, secure the blinds, put the coffee maker away, ensure all the cupboard doors were shut firmly, lock away the TV, secure the electronics cabinets... well, you get the idea, the list goes on and on. So when we get to our destination and I find everything has survived I feel pleasantly surprised (and relieved).

I think the grass and trees grew at an accelerated rate while we were gone. The place is totally grown over... remember "Day of the Triffids"?

By the time we got everything unloaded I was beat and crashed out on the sofa with the dogs. It wasn't for long though as I could hear Carm crashing up and down the basement stairs and slamming the door going in and out of the garage. He had some energy and started the process for opening the pool. Yes, that's right, we hadn't opened the pool yet! I went out to see what was up. At that point he was using the pool skimmer basket to rescue tadpoles from the top layer of water on the pool cover (how on earth did they get there?). He had everything in hand so I just watched from the deck until it was time to drag off the covers. I was too lazy to even get my camera out. Once the covers were off we could see that the water didn't look too bad, and with all the work he's put into it today the water will look swimable by tomorrow - temp is another matter - it's been filled with water from the well (50F).

Today we had a quick trip into town for lunch with Carm's mom and then my doctor appointment. A quick stop at Costco and we were home by 4. Whew. Trudie dropped by with some hostas that we had rescued from a demolition. Another busy day. I'm exhausted and need a day or two off! But that's not in the cards, at least for the next few days.

I can't end though without mentioning the fun I've been having with Streets & Trips. I downloaded a POI (point of interest) file for unusual Canadian attractions. The only one I looked at so far (that will be on our route), is the statue of the mosquito carrying a man (note to self: pack bug spray). There are 100s of POI files that you can download and import into S&T. I'll be adding the campground file soon. Today I discovered that you can assign a time to a stop - you can even say you'll stay 2 nights in one spot and it re-calculates your trip. I'm in software heaven.

The family reunion t-shirts arrived from Vistaprint today - they look great! It won't be long before we'll be sweltering in black t-shirts along with all the other reunion participants!

The four hardest tasks on earth are neither physical nor intellectual feats, but spiritual ones: To return love for hate; to include the excluded; to forgive without apology, and to be able to say 'I was wrong.'
Author Unknown