Thursday, June 6, 2013

End of the Rally/Reunion

The last few days at the reunion/rally were fun, with a sightseeing trip into Kingston, a trivia game (guess who won - Carm of course!), and finally cumulating in a catered steak dinner at the club house, followed by a campfire at John and Judy's campsite. The week went by too quickly...

We enjoyed some of the local wildlife.

Our lily grew a little bit.

The days passed quickly.

Thursday came and it was finally it was time to say our goodbyes and get on the road. We got away early in the day and made our way west to Morry's Trailer Sales in Walkerton for some repairs. It isn't any wonder that things in an RV seem to often break down as they are jarred and banged down the roads for miles and miles of earthquakes!

We made it thorough Toronto with no trouble, but missed our exit onto the 410... luckily it didn't take us long to get turned around and back on the right track.

We passed the camels around Arthur (around the same spot that we pass the windmills).

We drove past some horses and buggies.

And now... here we are... hooked up to electricity in the parking lot at Morry's... hardly a beautiful campground setting... and way farther from home than we had hoped. BUT! Our fingers are crossed for a simple repair!

Happy Tails!

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  1. We enjoy rallies and combined with a reunion should make it even better.