Monday, June 3, 2013

Potluck and Golf Day

Yesterday we stuck around the campground, going for a few walks and socializing. I pretty much laid low for much of the day as I had a bad stomach upset all night on Saturday. We didn't make it to the pancake breakfast, but I was feeling hale and hearty by the time supper arrived.

We joined everyone in the campground conference hall (a pretty nice facility) with our dish of Sesame Lime Green Beans in hand. We had an entertaining evening with Judy & John, and Diane & Mike - I like it that we sit with different people each event as it is a better way of getting to know more people. I don't know how long it was... but in what seemed like a flash a groaning table of food was demolished and we were back at the trailer preparing for the campfire.

I stayed out until the mosquitos started gnawing on my ankles then headed back to our villetta for a good nights sleep.

The alarm clock (yes, an alarm clock!) rudely awakened us at 7:30 this morning, giving Carm lots of time to prepare for his golf date with Eric and Leon. I think all together 15 people hit the links this morning, and perhaps later spent a bit of time at the 19th hole ;-)

I took the opportunity to sleep in, walk the dogs (the loose pit bull wasn't there) and then have a party! It was too cold to sit outside, and sitting inside by myself just didn't suit me, so I put on my shoes and started knocking on doors. I stopped when I had a trailer full (6 guests!), then ran back and started brewing coffee. I had a great time and was so glad that I made an effort and just did it.

Diane, Ann, Bob, Carol

Carol, Jim, Christine

Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.
Bil Keane