Friday, June 7, 2013

It was a Very Long Day

We were up bright and early to get the camper ready for its repairs. Grace and the dogs were loaded into the truck by 7:45 and Morry's started work on the trailer soon after that. We took a quick drive into Hanover for some breakfast and COFFEE! Then drove to Walkerton looking for a Petrocan (no luck). We were back at Morry's in time to see the bottom out of the trailer. In fact the bottom stayed out for quite a while as they made the repair, removed the old, wet insulation, and then let the whole works dry.

While we were waiting we wandered through a few other trailers - no sale was made ;-)

Another trip out looking for gas then we were back ready to hitch and hit the road. At 12:53 we started heading east towards home... Along the way to the 401 we pulled into a church parking lot to make some sandwiches (and use the loo & of course walk the dogs). Our timing was perfect to hit the 401 at rush hour. Except the only thing rushing was the fuel gauge towards empty as we ground across Toronto in stop and go traffic. It took us a good hour to hour & 1/2 EXTRA to get past Toronto.

When we finally cleared Toronto and hit the first service station we made a quick stop for coffee and restrooms again. This time we got out the phone and called Rideau Acres (where we just were a day ago) to see if they had any openings. Luck would have it that they did - pouring rain probably cinched us a spot :-/

Finally at just past 7:30 we pulled into the campground, paid our dues and have now settled in for the night. Grace is happily in her cage chowing down, the dogs are flaked out all over the place, and we have just had hot showers (oh, the luxury of a full service site!).

Grace and the dogs were in the truck for about 12 hours today. Grace got out a few times, and had food and special treats throughout the day; the dogs got out several times for a short walk, but no treats. If we make our trek across Canada this summer they will have to learn to potty in strange spots! All in all though, everyone did very well for such a long day stuck in the truck.

Happy Tails!