Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peony Pleasures

Being at home lately has been nothing more than rushing from one task to another getting ready for the next trip, and trying to fit in all the non-camping activities as well. We had a bit of a break yesterday with a day of pouring rain, but still there seemed to be things to do inside the house to keep us busy most of the day.

After a crazy busy day today cleaning the house and doing yardwork, we had friends/neighbors over for a glass of wine and visit. You know when finally you sit down and breath a sigh of relief - that's what our visit was like.

The peonies are bursting into bloom - I've taken a million photos with my new camera :-) I'm sure to never forget what they look like. If only there was a digital smell-o snapshot - they are heavenly.

Carm got the rest of the hay... oh... I mean grass, cut. The stuff he cut the other day already looks due for the lawnmower. As he cut it today I had fantasies of winning the lottery and hiring a gardener or ten. It's not just the grass - the trees are growing like crazy and need branches lopped off. The life force on our property is strong - I wish some of that energy would transfer itself into me...

Happy Tails!

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  1. Oh WOW !!! I love that shot of the raindrops on your red peony. (BTW, I got distracted and never did photograph your darkest peony on my visit.)