Friday, July 25, 2014

A fun walk with flat collars

I took the 3 dogs out by myself this morning. I take them every morning as soon as I get up, but since it is usually just a quick walk to the business area I don't bother with anything other than their flat collars. This morning we were out for about an hour - we saw a big turkey, a deer, a rabbit, some geese with a bunch of fluffy chicks. And another deer - we stood staring at each other for what seemed like minutes, we were not much farther than 100 feet, so we could almost see into each other's eyes. I wondered if it was confused by Kabira, who could pass for a deer at times.

Oh, and deerflies... my mom suggested dryer sheets, so I stuck one in my hat, and in the dogs collars... perhaps the deerflies hadn't read the internet!

Yesterday and today were days much like the previous few. It was cooler, lovely for spending time outside. Carm went off to the driving range both days, and I sat and wrote, starting to do some editing. I have a lot to do... my aim for Spike's travelogue is to make it as good as I can, almost as if I were publishing it. Of course that's not my plan, not only is the subject slightly weird, I'm not of a publishable caliber. Maybe someday ;-)

Thursday night we had our last dance class for a while. We learned a few fancy Samba steps, or at least I tried to learn. I just couldn't get them through my head. Dennis, the instructor, was so patient, and showed me over and over again. I've got the steps on video so that we can practice over the next few weeks. I'm not sure what class we'll take next, but for sure it won't be until the fall.

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet. ~Bob Marley

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