Friday, July 11, 2014

Mom, Samba, Doe

Carm left for home on Wednesday morning, leaving me time to prepare for my mother's visit. At least once a year we get together on the camper for a girls night gabfest. When she arrived mid afternoon it was still warm enough (barely) to sit outside and enjoy the sun. By supper time we were driving inside, no eating outside for us! The wind died down a bit after supper, so we leashed up the dogs and went for a stroll. Oh it was lovely to enjoy the evening - large moon shining faintly in the sky, my mom's company - what more could a person ask for.

The next morning we had a coffee, then put on our shoes for a longer walk. We were still out walking when Carm arrived back around 11am. The afternoon was conducive for resting under the shade of the trees canopy'ing our site, conversation flowing easily.

After mom left, Carm and I had a snack and got ready for dance. Classes were starting again - this time 3 weeks of Samba. The instructor was trying to review with us steps that we learned last fall, but I'll have to be honest, I had no memory of them, and even the basic step seemed difficult. Carm fared better. I took a video of our instructor so that we'll have something to refer to as we practice.


On our way home we saw a young doe in the campground - she was beautiful. We tried to sneek up closer to her in the truck so I could get a photo. As she ran off she passed right beside our camper. Good thing the dogs were inside!


Today we've already heard 3 times how beautiful our dogs are.  I agree with them ;-)


A trip to the golf course for breakfast and the driving range finished up our morning. This afternoon we relaxed outside, under the shade of the giant maple, unfortunately listening to the music of the people across from us... the older couple came in, and as soon as they were set up had the music blaring... their trailer has giant outdoor speakers built into it which I think should be outlawed. We were playing music ourselves (it couldn't be heard outside of the fence - I checked), but we had to turn ours off cause we couldn't hear it!!! We are just living with it for now, its no big deal really. And they have played a few songs that we could practice the samba to ;-)


I've been working on my second short story, but it isn't coming as easily as the first. It will be a day or two before it is posted!

"The journey in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life takes place." ~Barbara De Angelis