Monday, July 28, 2014

In the moment and in retrospect

A cold, grey rain pelted down all day. We were cosy in our luxurious villetta, but we could see tenters struggling to create more shelter. The small blue tarp that they strung over the picnic table was not large enough to protect even a solitary bottle of beer, so they retreated into their tent. I could imagine how damp and cold they must have been. Late in the afternoon I gave up waiting for the rain to let up, and ventured out across the campground to the showers. With my eyes squinted against the driving rain I made my way, rudely cutting through campsites in my haste to get to the hot shower.  There was plenty of hot water so I took my time and luxuriated in the steamy room, the heat driving away any chill.

In a futile action, I dried myself and got dressed. There was no getting around it, I had to get back to the camper, and the only way there was in the rain. The ground squished beneath my feet, seeping over the sole of my shoe, as I traversed the path. The chill that had been briefly dispelled returned as cold tendrils of water ran down my neck. Brrrr. Up three steps and into the door, I was safely home. The fireplace had been doing its work warming the air, and the golden glow of its flames invited me in. With a sigh of contentment I greeted the dogs, and shut the door behind me. Like walking into a safe cocoon, I savoured the feeling, which had been made more wonderful by the contrast.

That was yesterday - bored in the rain! I find that I'm getting addicted to writing, so you'll have to bear with me as I try out some prose. I plan to take a writing course this winter, but until then I'll bumble along getting the feeling for putting words together. When I started this blog, it was to practice writing, mainly because it was hard for me, and I wanted to practice. At the beginning it would take me all day to put together a few paragraphs - it was hard work. It isn't as much work now, instead I find it a wonderful outlet.

Today has been sunny, but cool. I've been in and out of the camper, puttering around making lists of what to re-provision, clean, remove and add for the next trip.  I've sat outside in the sun, and enjoyed time inside. Is it wrong to sit inside on a nice day? I talked with a lady from Port Perry who had an aviary full of canaries and finches. Carm said we talked for an hour! Time can fly (ha ha, pun intended). She took a bunch of photos of Grace, and said that sometimes she sells her photos to card makers.

This trip there has been much less tv watching. In the evenings, after the news we've been putting on music and instead of focusing on 'the idiot box' (I wrote a paper called that for school all those years ago), we focused on each other, or our books and other reading. We have not been practicing our dance moves though...

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ~Anaïs Nin