Friday, July 18, 2014

Blessings of Old Friends



From the time our parrots started having babies, we've been friends with Ruth and John. You know sometimes when you meet someone, and almost immediately there is a deep connection, a friendship that endures even though it is sometimes ages that you go without seeing them. Someone who if you sit down with a cup of coffee, you start off immediately where you left  off, as if you saw them yesterday.  Well, that describes our relationship with Ruth and John. So we were thrilled that we finally got our schedules aligned for them to come for the night on Wednesday.

John and Carm left for golf as soon as the van was unloaded with dogs, cats and parrots, not to mention heaps of food. That left Ruth and I to spend the afternoon relaxing on the swing trading stories and sorrows. It was a wonderful time!


Before we knew it Thursday morning had come, a leisurely breakfast then they were on their way. But not before I made Ruth promise she'd come to the camper this fall for our annual girls gala ;-)

Bella and Spike were excited to have Sadie & Gus for a visit, Kabira not so much. She spends all her effort trying to make sure that everyone behaves and doesn't do anything wrong. The self imposed responsibility really stresses her out, so she takes no time to enjoy herself and play.

Bailey and Cato knew where they  were as soon as they turned into the laneway. I'm not sure if that's  a good or bad thing, but they did seem to enjoy themselves.


Oh, I almost forgot. In the morning as we were puttering about getting breakfast, we saw a few deer ducking in and out of the hayfield. One would push through the fence and go zooming and leaping around, then it would exit, and another would come in and do the same thing. We think we saw 3 in total  - I wonder if was the doe and her two fawns that we saw a few weeks ago.

We learned a few more steps of Samba in our class last night. I wonder when it will all sink in and my feet will behave properly. I feel like I have a learning disorder - the instructor can show a few steps, and once he's done I can't remember a thing. He must want to tear his hair out...

This morning I got cracking right away and did tons of cooking for our trip, and the next few suppers, which luckily left me the afternoon to enjoy the swing and even slip into my makeshift dipping pool. The sun was hot, the breeze was cool, and the bugs were few. Bliss.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson