Monday, July 14, 2014

I have to shake my head

I was looking for a book by Farley Mowat that I was sure that I had… unfortunately, last winter in a fit of manic madness I tore through the reasonably neat & organized library of books that we have in the basement. I ruthlessly chucked books into boxes to go to the second hand store. Boxes and piles of books are strewed all over the room, making it  difficult to walk, let alone find anything. Sadly (or maybe happily), my mood switched and the room remains in this chaotic state. This week I’ll have to decide if I want to wade through the boxes looking for the book, or tape them all up and send them away.

Saturday we packed up camp in the morning to get home by noon. It was beautiful, and honestly I thought of checking to see if the site was open for one more day. Thankfully I didn’t, as by Sunday morning it was pouring rain off and on. So instead of breaking camp in the rain, we are nice and dry and already have the laundry done and the bed remade!

Late in the afternoon yesterday Trudie and Leo came over to drop off a dog crate they had picked up at a flea market. I had switched Grace’s tiny outside camping cage for the Spikes bigger one; however, the smaller crate was way too small for Spike so we were on the hunt for a bigger one. If you are wanting a bargain put Trudie on the case. She found this one (albeit a bit battered) for $10!

The afternoon turned into evening so I whipped up a quick pasta dish and we sat  around the table for hours.

I updated my last story (Cemetery) back to my original ending.  With much discussion it was decided that it made more of an impact, carrying the message that I trying to convey more clearly.

Latest ear worm: 5th Dimension - (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All

Last night I didn't get to sleep at all, no, no
I lay awake and watched until the mornin' light
Washed away the darkness of the lonely night, lonely night


  1. Just read the story. I hesitate at making comments because I feel very unqualified, but, I agree the original ending is better. But perhaps a bit of rewording like "in her minds eye" or "in her heart" she tok her sisters hand...

    Just a thought.

  2. Dealing with all my books used to make me crazy at times. But when we went full time, I donated all them except a few. Now that we are back in a house, I have a few hundred in book cases, but I have moved mostly to electronic book readers. I found that I actually enjoy it. I take take several hundred books with me in one small package and are always organized:)

  3. Att the end of the story I did not get her death. I thought the new grave was the sister and she regretted not making amends when they had a chance.