Wednesday, July 23, 2014

To lie in the grass and count the stars

With showers in the forecast for the early part of the day Wednesday, we decided we'd leave the camp and run a few errands. We got some new bungies to secure down the ^&^%@ satellite dish, and a few other things. We even stopped for lunch at the golf course. When we finally got back it had stopped raining, but was still too wet to sit outside so we bunkered down inside for some reading and writing.

My muse was with me again today and I wrote and wrote - the words came pouring out with barely any thought. It was if I was possessed by Spike and he was narrating as I typed. I couldn't believe how much I wrote! I've gotten the main story written for his travelogue, now I can start editing and perhaps fleshing some bits out. It is over 8000 words already! When I'm happy with the writing I'll add some photos for interest. I wonder where I could get something like this printed? Or what software I might use to turn it into a PDF.

In the evening we watched a documentary about a family that owns a strip club in Guelph. Their lives are nothing like mine, and they aren't like any people I've known. It seemed sordid and dirty, and they seemed shallow and mean. But as the documentary progressed I started to see other sides to them, and see that there was more to their stories. The mother had an eating disorder - she was anorexic - but she was always preparing food for her husband who was hugely overweight and always eating. One of the sons was helping to run the business, and seemed satisfied with what he was doing. The other son was the one directing the documentary - he was questioning his life. It was a program of contradictions.

I like watching programs like this because they stretch me out of my comfort zone and open my eyes to ways of life other than the typical middle class life that I have had. When I was young my father was in the military, where everyone is alike. After he was a civilian, we lived in middle class neighborhoods and I went to school with middle class friends. When I graduated from school I got a job with other middle class people. I've lived a sheltered life. I look at people around me and wonder about their lives and if they are different? Some of what Alice Monroe writes about addresses these questions, and perhaps that one of the reasons I enjoy her stories so much.

Perhaps programs about other sides of life also help me to appreciate all that I have. Not material things, but a loving family and friends that aren't in jail for assault! A peaceful life.

On my way up to bed, I slipped out the door when I saw that the sky had finally cleared. Instead of lying in the grass (bugs!), I sat on my chair and tipped it back so that I could enjoy the starry night. I didn't stay out long - I wanted to get back inside before the mosquitoes found me - but it was wonderful. Oh Starry Starry Night.

This morning I took the dogs for their walk first thing. It is cooler with a breeze so I hope there would be fewer deer flies, and perhaps there were... but I still got 4 bites.

Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow