Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Friends Visiting our Camp

No rain, but cold for our trip down to Riverside on Sunday. We are glad for our little fireplace and furnace. It is cozy in here. It isn't raining, and there is only a little bit of wind, so we'll be okay. We'll just cuddle under blankets and read. Or watch movies. Too cold for Grace to go outside though. She knows it is cold out and doesn't make too much fuss about staying inside.

The dogs got their rabies shots on Saturday and I think it turned Spike into an energizer bunny. He jumped and hopped and wizzed around all day yesterday, as if he were on speed. Or maybe he was just cold having had a really short hair cut a few days ago. He watched out the window of the truck for our whole 45 minute drive here - I think he recognized the scenery. Then he did his whole repertoire of tricks while we were standing talking to some other campers. By Monday morning the effects had worn off and he was cuddled against my leg sleeping. Little devil.

(there are 20 or 30 Canada Geese and a dozen huge gulls surrounding the camper giving Grace something to look at!)

Bella has been glued to the window intently watching the scurry of black squirrels racing around collecting acorns for the long winter ahead. I'd love to turn her loose to have some fun!

"Grace sat in her cage staring at me with her beady eyes. She wanted something and I suspect it was my toast. I could see the wind moving the leaves in the trees outside her window. It didn't look warm. She must have been a bit cold as one of her feet was pulled tight into the ruffled feathers. If it weren't for her greediness about my toast I would have said she was content."

Ruth arrived Monday at lunchtime. Who ho! Our annual girls night :-)  Carm stayed for lunch then headed home for the night. He is pretty good natured when I kick him out. He would find our discussions about feelings and life too much to bear! Needless to say, Ruth and I had a great time (maybe a bit too great…).

Tuesday, Ruth left first thing in the morning. Carm dropped in on his way to golf (to drop off the internet). I didn't do much other than make myself presentable before Carm and his friend John were back from golf. I was too lazy to make supper, so we headed over to Sol d'Acolpolco for giant schnitzels. When it came time to pay, both Carm's and my credit cards were declined!!! WTF.

Twenty minutes on hold at a payphone on Wednesday let us know that MBNA had just CANCELLED all credit cards due to the Home Depot data security breech. No notice. No new cards mailed out. No doubt they have left 1000s of people in the lurch. To say we are not happy with them is an understatement.