Saturday, September 6, 2014

Squadrons of Dragonflies

With dragonflies darting like high performance helicopters, against a sky streaked with indigo and washed pink, we savoured the last of our supper. The day had been perfect – hot and sunny with the breeze gently caressing us. It started out slowly: coffee and books were enjoyed under the shade of the awning. A lunch reminiscent of my childhood - hotdogs and chocolate milk - was gobbled down just in time for our first guests to arrive.


Bill and Brenda were the first to come that afternoon. The sun was still high in the sky, heating up our skin till it craved the cooling waters. Dianne and John were next to arrive, chairs in hand. We caught up with them for a bit, then Brenda and I splashed into the water and bobbed in her noodle chairs. The water was perfect with just enough wave to lull us into total relaxation, and cool enough to refresh.


Before we were pruned, we made our way to shore and scrambled up the little cliff. Once in our yard, I noticed that all the chairs were filled and by the time my eyes refocused, Uncle Ken and Marilyn were getting up to greet us. They had come by to surprise us with the makings for supper. We had already planned to join forces with Bill and Brenda for supper, but of course we had room for two more. I dashed into the camper, water dripping down my legs, to dig another steak out of the freezer (yes, carnivores for one night).



After our feast, we waddled over to Bill & Brenda’s campsite for a fire. No marshmallows for me though – I was stuffed from the cornucopia of food at supper. By 9pm I my head was nodding and my eyelids drooping, so headed back to our place knowing that there’d be no sleep in for me the next day. Uncle Ken & Marilyn took their leave as well.

UK & M surprised me with bag full of Marilyn’s artwork. I’ll be sure to find a few patches of wall at home to display them – it will be a trick as I don’t have much paint showing – most walls are windows!

The mammoth task of packing up greeted us on Friday morning… As it turns out we got ourselves organized much faster than anticipated, leaving time for a last swim! Bill and Brenda joined us in the crashing waves. Walking back to shore with the waves shoving against my legs, propelling me back to land, I felt a choking in my throat – we were going home and I didn’t want to leave my watery prairie…

Tearful goodbyes were made and we were on our way home.

We got home safely and just in time as it is a rainy day today. The dripping of water off the trees matches the tears in my heart, but already they are drying as I look to the future and what delights it might hold.  We have a few more camps left this autumn, and then the long cold winter to plan for next summer.


Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

~Dr. Seuss