Saturday, September 27, 2014

How full of light and color

The road into the city was bordered with trees cloaked in splendid attire. Red was the predominant colour and the leaves glowed as if lit from within. I was intoxicated with the display. Of course I had not brought my camera, and am unlikely to get the light at just that perfect angle again.

We were making a special trip to the city for two reasons: 1) I was getting a fitbit; and 2) we were going to have Vietnamese noodles for supper!

The noodles were scrumptious as always - I've tried to analyse the flavouring so that I could duplicate it at home, but have never even come close. Drat cause I'd make it all the time - it is my favourite meal.


I'm wearing the fitbit now - the idea is to wear it 24/7 (hummm… I'm having thoughts of George Orwell - maybe this is a plot to get us used to wearing some permanent tracking device - we know where you are) - it fits lightly around my wrist and I can hardly feel that I'm wearing it. It is a huge black slash on my arm though! I'm HOPING that by tracking my steps I'll get just a bit more active. Has it helped today? Perhaps - I did make it around the field twice, and did a tiny bit of yard work.

Sleep patterns can also be tracked. With a few taps you tell it that you are going to bed and it records your movement to deduce if you are awake/asleep, and if your sleep is calm or fitful. Last night I just slept 7 hours, I was up out of bed a few times (I tend to get up and wander around), and I had a fitful sleep. How useful is this data? A trend might help me decide if I need extra meds. We shall see…

A dark shadow quickly passed over me and I looked up to see a Red-tailed Hawk circling overhead. It was flying low enough for me to make out its reddish tail and soft white underside. It circled me a few times before moving off to more fruitful hunting grounds.


I hadn't been out in the field since the hay was cut in July - clover and other grasses have grown knee high, making it tough to traverse. I'll wear my big, green, winter farm boots and get busy walking. With those heavy boots it won’t take long to tramp down a path.

The dogs were ecstatic, running as best they could through the tangled grass. By the time we were done 1 circuit, Spike was dragging behind - he had to work much harder, and it was hot out.


I love the soft autumn colours although it is strange to see them during a hot summer day. Yup - today got up to 26C - a summer day. Warm enough to keep the nasty beetles flying about!


How beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. ~John Burroughs