Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Racing By

The days are starting to race by now - just a few more full days left and then we'll be home. We've starting thinking about what we'll do next summer and are torn between a few extended camps here, or maybe another trip out west. We'll savour the decision making process.

The weather has been mostly good the past few days. Sunday morning we had some rain, but then it cleared into a glorious afternoon. Monday was also cloudy to start, but then cleared into a beautiful day. Both days were warm and somewhat muggy. Tuesday started off sunny, but a thick fog and low clouds descended on us. I've been trying to dry some clothes outside, but I think they are getting wetter!

Just past 9am on Sunday there was a knock on the RV - it was John from next door with a hose all stretched out to fill our fresh water tank. Carm rushed out and gave him a hand, and before I knew it they were lost in conversation. After they got the hoses put away, Carm disappeared into their camper. I putzed around our place: I read, vacuumed, washed the floor, showered, read a bit more, and still Carm wasn't back, so I traipsed next door to make sure he wasn't over staying his welcome. He and John were deep in conversation about math theory or some such scintillating topic - Dianne seemed happy when I invited her over to our place for some tea! The men ended up back at our place after an hour or two and we spent more time talking. It was around 2pm when they left! A lovely way to spend the day.

Dianne is quite afraid of dogs, but it wasn't long before she had Bella and Spike by her side for pets, Kabira even gave her a gentle sniff. I was happy that our pups made her feel welcome. Speaking of which - Monday afternoon another Titanium moved into the site next to us. Carm struck up a conversation - the guy was having trouble with his stairs so Carm sent him over to see ours. Kabira and Bella barked and barked at him. I had a hard time calming them down, and had to hold Kabira who was growling. That is not like her at all! Such a different welcome than the one they gave Dianne.

Monday night we had the pleasure of being treated to supper by my Uncle Ken and his girlfriend Marilyn. We had a lovely time with them - they are both full of stories that they love to share. We went to 'the Boathouse' which had all you can eat fish on Monday's. It was good fish with a light batter, but OMG - I was so full! We've had more fish and chips than we'd have in 2 years at home. And enough fatty food to last a lifetime. Holidays are a pretty good excuse!

Thankfully, all that fat did fuel me on an hour walk this morning. It was hot and muggy, even at 7am - I had to go for a swim when I got back.