Monday, September 22, 2014

Mexican Independence Day

A family group of musicians played Mexican folk music, and authentic Mexican food was on the menu at Sol d'Acolpoco Saturday night. Alicia was celebrating Mexican Independence day at the restaurant and everyone was in on it. The waitresses wore colourful costumes made by Alicia's mother and sister. Once our meal was finished the music started in earnest and dancers spun across the floor. The only thing missing was a Mariachi band!

Sunday we had hoped for Deirdre & Chris to visit, but the prospect of being stuck in the camper all day in the pouring rain may have put them off! There was the occasional burst of blue through the clouds - I took my opportunity then to take the dogs for a walk, staying off the muddy roads except to cross them. There are some lovely grassy areas under a high canopy of trees that made for a nice walk… except for all the squirrels.

After yesterday's high of 18C, today's 8C is a bit of a shock. And with the wind it is a stereotypical fall day…

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