Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mad Dogs in the Rain

Rain. Cold rain. Furnace and sweaters kept us warm during the day on Saturday, except when we dashed out between the raindrops to load stuff into the camper. It is hardly camping weather, but tomorrow and the rest of the week is supposed to be better - my fingers are crossed.

Early in the afternoon we forced the dogs outside and into the truck for a trip to the vet. The annual rabies clinic was the happening thing this afternoon and we joined the show. Three dogs (two big and one very excited) take a lot of room in a line up that is squeezing into the small foyer of a vet clinic. Luckily I had stuffed my pockets with bits of dried hotdogs. The dogs were good for the 10 minutes wait - I still had a cache of treats left at the end. The lady in front of us had a miniature daschund that barked and she had it on a long flexi-lead… seriously. She let the dog go all the way behind the reception counter. I wonder how she thinks that that is okay? I wonder if she knows that people and dogs have had serious lacerations from those things? Fine for the great outdoors, not so good in a constricted area with multiple dogs and people milling about!

With a blanket around my shoulders, and my tablet on my lap, I sat on the sofa writing about the important and influential people in my life. I chose to focus on a few of the more influential ones, otherwise the chapter would turn into a book. I've been that blessed. This exercise has identified two major turning points in my life where the people around me have made a difference. The start of my career was one point. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder was another turning point, and the people who influenced me then may have saved my life. Writing about their influence reminded me of how astoundingly lucky I am. An army of friends, family and co-workers have also helped me be who I am today. 

I think it was a worthwhile exercise, and I encourage you all to do the same thing. Next week, at the writing group, I'll be reading my page out loud (gulp), and then maybe I'll post it here.