Friday, September 12, 2014

Write Your Life

Thursday I joined a writing group at the local library. A facilitator leads the group to help with the process of writing a memoir. Writing a memoir is not my raison’etre but is a good exercise and as good a weekly writing prompt as any. Having a group of people to share the process is exciting and will surely keep me motivated.

The first exercise is to list 25-50 important people in your life – “those that have had significant influence on your life even if it was for a brief time”. Aside from the obvious family members I am having difficulty thinking of people for my list. Do your memories go far enough back to identify the people that were pivotal in your life? Rather than an exercise in writing, this one is proving to be one of reflection – how did I get “here”. What life changing decisions did I make and who helped me make them?

Speaking of important people in my life, last night we met up with Jo Ellen and Don for a sounder of swine – ribs that is, pig’s ribs. Gosh they were good, but the image of the truck that we saw on the 401 was at the back of my mind. Two floors of tightly packed pigs, their scared eyes peering out from between the slats almost made me give up bacon and ribs. It is easier to eat meat when you don’t look it in the eye as it makes its way to be slaughtered.

Today is the first day where it definitely feels like autumn. It is cool (10C), and while it was sunny at the beginning of the day, now it is cloudy and grey. There is a smell and feeling about the air that is September. I can’t pinpoint what makes up the essence – perhaps slightly turning leaves and blue asters colour more than the landscape.

I spent the morning loading up the caravan for our next camp – we are hoping for a warmer fall than summer!


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ~C. S. Lewis