Monday, November 24, 2014

Glass can bend (I hope)

One of the large windows in the living room is flexing with the howling wind - the reflexions back into the rest of the room are wavering as if viewed from a carnival glass mirror. I'll have to tell you - it is scary to watch. I did close the blind so I don't have to see it…

I've been getting full use of our freshly done bathroom - lingering in the tub with the view of trees from the mirrors is fantastic. At night, the remote control LED candles (I'm all for authenticity, ha ha) light up the room just enough to be romantic. With a capful of bubble bath and some great tunes on my mp3 player - decedent relaxation.

Spike has been acting strangely lately… the dogs get their evening meal of meat in their crates, but the doors are only ever closed if they get a bone (it saves finding bloody bones on the sofa, and pig's ears behind the guest room bed pillows). However, Spike has taken to not leaving the crate until I go over and explicitly ask him out. He even sits inside and gives a small bark to remind me that he's waiting. HOW WEIRD!!! That dog is an enigma.

Bella seems to be on the mend - graphic details ahead… the anal sac ruptured, releasing the fluid that was causing some of the pressure. Strangely there was no particular odour - I'd heard that it would be horrible. It is a terrible gash that is already starting to heal. The antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds seem to be helping her to get better. There is still a hard swollen area that the vet will have to look at in a few weeks. She is the most trusting and compliant dog that has ever lived. She stands quietly shaking while I wash the area, which must hurt like he:: She's such a good dog.

No crushed fingers or wrenched backs (just barely) getting the big furniture out of the bedroom in preparation of the new floor. We've left the bed there for now, as well as bedside tables… but once we get the news we'll be ready in a flash. We moved a hutch and a large dresser - neither of them had drawers that would remove! In the olden days I'd just pull the drawers out, and the whole thing would be lighter, and I wouldn't have to rearrange my stuff at each end. In this case, I emptied out the drawers, wrestled with a giant, heavy dresser, then put all the stuff back into the drawers. ugh.

My fingers are crossed for an uneventful night and that no windows over-flex.