Wednesday, November 5, 2014

spinning with decisions

One of my daily pleasures is watching Spike fly across the earth. He has two speeds: walk and run like a race horse. When he is racing towards me his joyful smile lights my day and I laugh at his ears fly behind him like banners in the sky. I always smile. When he races into the house, he launches himself at the very last second to reach the top of the deck while he is still airborne. I have to make sure to have the door open as he is going much too fast to stop.

There is no joy that compares to a dogs joie de vivre.

Exciting news here! We got xplornet internet Monday and now have ONE HUNDRED GIGs a month!!!! I’ll be able to look at the occasional youtube video, upload photos, and even do some backups of non critical data onto dropbox and google drive. I am stoked :-)

At my doctor appointment Tuesday, I babbled on about the writing class and what we are doing in the house – and was scattered enough that she wasn’t convinced that I should reduce meds just yet.

With a few almonds and apricots to fuel us, we headed to Home Depot with paint swatch and carpet choice in hand. As we made our way to the carpet ordering area we passed the bathroom light fixtures and found two that will modernize our two bathrooms – with their brash brass finish and giant globe lights the old fixtures look exactly like they are from the 80s, oh wait - they are.

Carm corralled someone to take our carpet order, and while they struggled with the ordering system I wandered around finding things to buy. They were almost finished with the order when I stumbled across a bamboo flooring that I totally loved – nothing else we had seen had struck me like this flooring – I was smitten. I stood staring at it for what seemed like ages, then ran over and dragged Carm and Vlad to the display where we did some cost estimates. Okay, way more expensive, but so much nicer than broadloom - we changed our mind and started to walk back to the order desk. We hadn't quite gotten there when I realized that it would be the same price as the maple similar to what we already have in the house which while not being as dramatic, would give a cohesive look to the house.  We veered off to that aisle and after more discussion, we changed our mind again.

Our heads were spinning, and I feel quite certain that the sales guy would have liked to throttle us! To his credit he remained calm. Home Depot must have superhero hiring practices. Vlad's super power is the ability to keep a straight face when tormented by middle age women who can't make up their minds!

By the time the paperwork for the floor was completed and signed, our shopping cart was full from my gleanings, so we grabbed another one and headed to the paint section. We bought GALLONS of paint - omg it is overwhelming. We even got some paint for the floor in the old bird room/new craft, exercise room. Our shopping cart train cho choo'd its way to the check out, and then on to the car. It took some shoving and prodding but we got everything in.

We are going to be busy. Do any of you like painting and want some practice?  I'm excited about the changes we are making, and hope that this excitement keeps me going until the job is over.


I actually stopped talking. I actually listened. So I knew that I wasn't all the way manic, because when you're all the way manic you never listen to anybody but yourself. ~Terri Cheney