Friday, November 21, 2014

Phase 1 Done!

Well, we got phase 1 done! The trim was finished by Wednesday afternoon, we started putting things back, and yesterday hung the new mirror in the main bathroom. I'm really happy with how it turned out - it no longer seems green, but is a lovely whipped butter colour - just what I wanted. I'm chomping at the bit to get the bedroom done, but we have to wait till the floor is installed. Plus, I'm exhausted...

A new addition to our bathroom is a mirror over my tub -  with the 2 windows that are already there, the mirror is like a third one, reflecting the view from the opposite window. I like :-)

Although there was no actual painting  yesterday (Thursday), we were busy enough. I had the writing group meeting in the morning, and then Heather followed me back here for tea and toast. Carm of course was at his mom's.  Once he was home we got the mirrors installed and then crashed onto the couch for a bit, before rushing out to have supper with Jo Ellen & Don.

Last night we noticed Bella acting weird - further investigation revealed that she had some sort of impaction or abscess of her anal glands (sorry), so this morning I was up in time to call the vet as soon as they opened, hoping to get an appointment first thing. Luckily there was an opening with the vet tech, and even luckier still the vet was able to see her as it wasn't an impaction at all, but either an abscess or tumour. We will try not to freak out until the 3 weeks of antibiotics has a chance to clear things out.