Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I may have paint in my hair…

The second coat went a bit faster than the first, probably due to the little roller that we bought yesterday. Carm was in charge of the cutting in again today, and with the little roller as well he kept me a bit farther from the ceiling. No worries though, there was already a ton from yesterday…

I did manage to get paint nearly everywhere again – hair, face, hands, ceiling, floor, BELLY! oh yeah – and the walls!

We did encounter something weird – there is a little spot over one door where the pink paint beneath yesterday’s coat of yellow started COMING OFF ON THE BRUSH. WTF. I have never seen that happen before – paint that has been there for 20 years coming off – maybe the pink dimension was trying to take back over.

It was bright and sunny which washed a bit more yellow over the surface – I liked it. What a change though – wow. Can’t wait to get the trim done and everything back in place to see what it really looks like.

It seems like a day of painting, followed by a bottle of bubbles to celebrate is the best antidote to sleepless nights - I slept like a log.