Sunday, November 2, 2014

now I whitewash walls

Right on schedule, at 7am this morning, the power cut out. It was a planned power outage so we were somewhat prepared with buckets and jugs of water. The one thing we don't have a contingency for is coffee and first thing in the morning I NEED a coffee! So we stumbled into the truck and went looking for breakfast, I was hoping for bacon & eggs, a final hurrah before getting serious about my diet again. No such luck as the village was out of power as well. We drove on to the next village and they were also without power, but luckily for us, Tim Horton's has a generator and was serving up countless cups of the lovely brown nectar. I've never seen their line-up so long. We parked and got in the lineup inside and quickly jumped to the front of the line as we were just getting coffee - I was spared the naughty breakfast.

I spent part of the day Sunday stretched out on the futon in the sun, with the dogs cuddled up beside me. I was working on next week's writing assignment: giving advice. It has been (still is) a struggle to write this one. I joined the group towards the end of the course, so topics are more difficult. They aren't the reminisce musings that I missed from earlier in the book, but trickier.


Saturday, after a late sleep in and slow morning, we headed into the city to look at carpet and pick up some little test pots of paint. We looked at hardwood, engineered wood, and enough carpet options to totally confuse us. We did settle on a "brand" of carpet and now have a sample board of colours to chose from. I've picked one colour, only to change my mind to another, and on and on… We have to order by Wednesday to get in on a few sales.

The paint samples were sloppily brushed on the walls in a few places (note to self: don't paint with a crappy old paintbrush!). This decision was easier as we both liked the paint with more of a buttery cast (think butter whipped like crazy until it is a pale yellow, then add a bit of milk to further dilute the colour). It is tough to go beige after all these years of colour! I'm waffling on the colour for the bedroom though: green like the living room giving feeling of being in a sun-dappled forest glen; or buttery beige like a summery day in the prairies.

My head might implode!

I'm still moving backward in time: I'll start with Wednesday night. I was prepping for dinner and realized that I had enough for 4 so I fired off a quick email to Jo Ellen. They were here almost before I put the phone down! We had a congenial evening with conversation that did NOT focus on work (see Carm, it can be done!). Then Thursday was writing group and lunch with Heather. A very pleasant way to spend a day. And on to Friday for a visit with my brother and out to friends for the evening. Whew! No wonder I am exhausted and grateful for a quiet day at home. I’ve reached my activity limit for maintaining good mental health.

I lacked the knowledge of linear perspective needed to get into the art school, so now I whitewash walls and imagine I’m heaven’s landscape painter.  ~Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic