Saturday, November 8, 2014

What on earth Roku doing?

We've gone mad with excitement over our new internet abilities! We had a visit with Jo Ellen and Don on Wednesday, and Don, who is the Emperor of all Gadgeteers showed us a little box that he has connected to his TV. It looked innocuous enough - barely a handful of black plastic which would surely not astound. Ah ah! We stopped at Future Shop on our way home to get one for ourselves.

You might be wondering what could be so interesting, so let me explain. The roku connects to our internet (now with expanded downloading capacity), and to our TV. Video from the internet can now stream directly to our TV. The roku comes with hundreds of channels of movies, documentaries, music and all manner of interesting stuff - we haven't even sorted through which ones we want on our screens. Even more fun, it can be controlled from our tablets (I hijacked Carm a few times by accident). From my tablet I can play a youtube video or even show photos to the TV. Serious fun for us geeks!

Thursday it took 2 giant cups of tea, as well as an enormous hot chocolate to get the floor and shelves in our closet cleared in preparation for the flooring installer measurement guy. I stopped at the hanging stuff, figuring we'd leave it until just before painting starts. As it turns out it will be 3 or so weeks till the new floor is installed so we'll be living with heaps of clothes all over the living room. Will it drive me crazy? Yes. Unless I'm too exhausted from painting!

After crouching on the basement floor, with all feeling cut off to my legs, staining some furniture I decided I need a craft table. It may have been a bit of work avoidance, but we drove to a nearby town to get one of those resin ones - conveniently on sale! It just so happens that the route we took home too us right past a cheese factory. What coincidence. Squeeky, squeeky, chew, chew. I think our batch of curds had extra squeek!

I wrestled the table downstairs to my future craft room and set it up with a drop sheet and wonderful paper that Trudie gave me. It worked good! The room is going to be a awesome (eventually) - the lighting is fantastic and there is so much space to move around. Someday!

I shuffled stuff from plastic bin to plastic bin to get a matching set for the clothes that I put away for next year. Once I even shuffled to the same type of bin, nothing like making more work for myself :-/  I think I crashed yesterday though as today’s job seems monumental, and I’m right on the edge of tears. Time for a quiet day or two I guess…

I'm smiled out, talked out, quipped out, socialized so far from any being, I need the weight of mortal silences to get realized back into myself. ~John Ciardi