Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Apologies to Costco

I headed into Costco today to get my meds all straightened around. The head pharmacist was very helpful, and it seems that Costco is not in error.

The company that manufactures this drug has changed their labelling of the 1 mg dose to be the same as they once labelled the 3 mg tablet. This new labelling matches the way other manufacturers label a 3 mg tablet and is not at all in line with 1 mg labels (head scratch).

Other mfrs have used numbers that correspond with the number of milligrams - but this company has decided to buck the trend.  Carm’s theory is that they used a 3 mg pill press possibly because the 1 mg press was damaged – the must have thrown in a bunch of other ingredients too as the size is significantly different.  As a 'standards' person, this belies all logic. I would like to have been a fly on the wall of the meeting that made this decision! 

All this is well and good but leaves me back at square one - frustrated and feeling awful. We are going to try another manufacturer in case the formulation has also changed. Maybe there is something that does not agree with me in this new format.

Enough whining!!!

While at Costco I looked for a recipe book that I read about. It seemed unlikely that it would be found in their limited array of books but there it glowed from within the stacks. I nearly shoved a lady aside to get my hands on a copy. 'oh she glows' is packed with vegan and gluten free recipes. I've followed the blog on and off for a few years and have made a few of her recipes. Now I have a book packed with sensuous food photos to flip though - my kind of porn!

This week it is Grace's turn for visiting cousins. Yesterday African Grey Timnehs Cato and Bailey arrived for a 1+ week sleep over. If you recall, they are my friend Ruth's birds, and Cato was the first baby parrot that we bred; Bailey is her brother from another clutch. They are a hoot with their funny talkative voices.

The damage on the car was slightly more extensive than we thought, but the local body shop did a great job.  The car looks perfect again. They even washed it!


 “… My struggle is harsh and I come back
with eyes tired
at times from having seen
the unchanging earth,
but when your laughter enters
it rises to the sky seeking me
and it opens for me all
the doors of life…”

~Pablo Neruda

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