Friday, February 27, 2015

Dalmatian with a Chicken on its Head

We drove past a local hobby farm on our way to the city and noticed that they had sprouted one more horse. Horses are like that - it seems that they arrive from nowhere, filling the barn and paddocks until they are filled to capacity and beyond. At least it was like that for us when we had horses. First one, then two, and in a blink of an eye there were eleven! I miss having horses, or at least having two or three… although with the brutal cold this winter it would have been more of a challenge. Certainly mountains of hay would have been eaten, which would have turned into mountains of you know what! But oh! Burying my face in a warm furry horse neck and breathing the sweet horse smell is heaven no matter what the weather.


The bright white smudge of the moon hung high in the blue sky this afternoon.  The sun radiated warmth in through the car windows as we drove about the city. No longer hunched against the bitter cold, I felt a slight prickling of excitement for spring tickling the back of my neck as we strode about the parking lots.

We had something to take back to Ikea so we treated ourselves to a lunch out again. The special was Swedish Poutine. It was horrible… the crispy French fries were horribly smothered with tasty gravy and liberally sprinkled with curds and Swedish meatballs… horribly good - even Carm (Mr. I never eat poutine and never will) was wishing he'd ordered it!


While we were at Ikea I looked around the kids toy area to find something for Spike - I found a bag of stuffed toys marked down 1/2 price to $6.99 so instead of just one toy, he got 3 - lucky little puffy dog. I let him pick one for now and tucked the other two away for another day. He picked the white spotted dog with a chicken on it's head.  


Carm picked up the replacement med (from a new manufacturer) yesterday - in talking to the pharmacy assistant it turns out that her husband (on the same drug) was also experiencing the same thing!

Our visitors (Cato and Bailey) have settled in well. They have the cutest little bird voices. At night Cato incants "wanna go night night" over and over again until I cover her cage. Carm and I crack up.


“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...”

~Frances Hodgson Burnett