Sunday, February 15, 2015

Murmuring phrases of Love


Our Valentines celebration turned out like many of our attempts at romance.

We set our plates onto the table which had been decorated with gold and white. The silverware sparkled like the icicles on the tress outside and the gold chargers were radiant like the sun on the horizon. Crisp white linens looked like freshly fallen snow on the gold placemats. Elegant champagne glasses glowed with pink effervescence.


Murmuring phrases of love we took turns jumping up to give Grace tastes of our supper. Kabira was dragged away from Grace's drop zone. Bella and Kabira circled the table, their jagged jaws drooling at the scent of grilled meat.

Spike looked on from the comfort of his giraffe pillow.

We jumped up to take care of the laundry.


Back at the table we sipped our bubbles, smug in the surety of our love, while laughing at the interruptions – surely love is not just about the perfect moments, but more how it endures, no, grows, during the imperfect ones. As the last pillow of mashed potatoes left our plates Carm jumped up to clean-up and load the dishwasher. I loaded the wine database on my tablet (designed just a few days ago), to make our first entry - 4 stars.


The last bits of gristle and meat from our plates was fed to the politely sitting dogs that had morphed back from shadowy sharks and the plates were slipped into the dishwasher.

The romantic album make a few more feeble rotations on the turntable, before the needle raked across the surface hitting the crackly silence at the edge of the record. skshisss, skshisss, skshisss. Our romantic celebration was over and the TV was flipped on. It was time for some political satire…



Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. ~Robert A. Heinlein