Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wicked Winds Blow

When I woke up this morning the wind was howling and the snow was coming down sideways. Not very nice. I usually go out with the dogs, but today they were on their own. When I went to bring them back in they were cowered by the door and covered in snow. I wondered if it would be a good day to crawl back under the covers...

The last few days have been a panic of getting our house in shape for overnight company. The spare bedroom had been a bit of a dumping ground, as had what we call the dining room even though it hasn't had a table in it for 18 years! I cleared out stuff (i.e. shifted from one area to another), moved some furniture around, hung a shelf, hung some pictures in the hall that we hadn't gotten around to hanging since we painted... well, you get the idea. I look around our house and all I see is mess and clutter, but maybe it isn't as bad as I think.

Today was cooking day. Getting a few basics into the fridge and freezer will make meals just a bit easier to put together. Except and a big BUT - I have decided that I am a lousy cook. I almost burned the lentils, then had to add about 4 extra cups of water to get them to cook properly… I almost forgot that I had stuff in the oven several times, and often forgot to put the timer on. I forgot this and I forgot that… It took me literally HOURS to make just 3 things. Do you ever have those days when the brain is running a few steps slower than it should…

We haven't had sleep-over company for quite some time so maybe I'm just a bit wound up ;-) I'm looking forward to the visit.

624 Tiny Things to Write about: "Explain why you've given this famous restaurant only one star - even though you've never eaten there".

I stepped into the White Throne fully expecting an Asian experience, however the train station grunge atmosphere stopped me in my tracks. The shiny white toilets that stood in for chairs had me running for the door. The vile visualizations quashed any appetite I may have had and even my favourite noodle bowl at Pho Mai didn't bring it back.

That was fun! Believe it or not I've seen a restaurant like that on TV, and while I couldn't leave the diner, I did change the channel!

Snow as fine and grainy as sugar covered the windows in and sifted off to the floor and did not melt. ~Laura Ingalls Wilder