Monday, July 27, 2015

Blessed Breeze

I wonder if this is what it is like in the south? Hot and humid, like an oven full of southern biscuits, steam releasing from the milky dough. It is a day for cool lemonade and icy mint mojitos (virgin for me please). It is definitely a day for the pool that sits forlorn and empty, waiting for a new liner and sparking fresh water. The stock tank dunking pool is a far second.

 I've made a few forays outside, but I don't usually last long - not as long as Carm did when he cut the back grass. I would have fainted but he soldiered on, his mind braced against the burning sun.

Grace is outside. She seems happy as I hear her cheerful whistles and chatter. "Are you outside?" she asked me as I took her out this morning. There is a large bowl of cool water in her cage, a refreshing wading tub if she desires.

Braving the heat for a moment, I walked around the front yard with my camera capturing photos of the garden. While not spectacular (we aren't avid gardeners), our little plot has the most colour and bloom that it ever has.

Sunday afternoon we met my aunt Kari and others at the St. Albert cheese factory for a poutine fest. ummm ummm good (but oh so bad). I can't believe I ate most of it. Actually, yes I can as I still feel its weight in my belly! It was a good chance to catch up with everyone so it was worth the sacrifice ;-)

Thank goodness for air conditioning! Speaking of which (strange segue but the water from our cooling system empties into the pond) there were 4 otters eating frogs in the pond yesterday. Pesky creatures!

I think there is a cocktail shaker with my name on it ready to make a summer refreshment: 1/4 to 1/2 lime to taste, 10 leaves mint, 1 tsp sugar, and ounce or two of coconut water.  Muddle then add ice and shake well. Strain into a tall glass and top with sparkling water. It is like dangling your legs in a lake.

Thankfulness opens the door and ushers in peace and joy like a blessed breeze on a hot and humid Louisiana summer day. 
~David P. Ingerson