Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Linden trees

The air is heavy with the perfume of the linden trees that surround the camper. As day becomes evening the fragrance intensifies in combat with the campfires that sputter, smoke and flame. We breathe deeply and wonder where we can plant a few of these Cleopatra trees at home. In bed, the ceiling vent blows the fragrance into the room, at first it is lovely, but soon became cloying, like being in an elevator with someone with too much cologne.

We got here Sunday after a short, uneventful drive over familiar roads. This is destination camping - get somewhere and stay for several days. It has been hot. Our walks have been mostly short, and each time the dogs were panting and limp by the time we got back to camp - hurrah for the cooler bandanas!

I made a mistake in booking our site - in the summer we reserve a site with a few big trees for cooling shade, but I have a dim memory that our fav was already reserved so we settled for our fall site which is full-on in the sun with no shade until late afternoon. Carm and I have been shuffling our chairs into the tiny rectangle of shade created by the awnings, which shifts as the sun crosses the southern sky. Our chairs touch as there is barely enough room for the two of us. I shan't complain though - at least the wind has been light so we CAN have the awnings out. We are inside with the AC running if there is even a moderate wind.

This morning there are showers (so much for the weather forecast which called for them to start late afternoon). We were about to head out for another walk when the rain started - we cancelled as even though they have raincoats none of the dogs like to be out in the rain.