Thursday, July 30, 2015

Splish splash

It calls for bubbles/champagne/sparkling wine - whatever the term - today is a day to celebrate.

The alarm blurted music again today, although an hour later than Tuesday. Another exciting day was planned! Our pool was finally going to be fixed with a new liner. It has been a year or maybe two since the last time we swam, and with the weather being so hot this month the fix is way overdue.

The installers were here at 8:30 but had to wait half an hour for the rain to ease up just a bit. No worries though as they knew they wouldn't melt if they got wet so got to work, with Carm following them like a pesky child, chattering non-stop (he says he helped them but I'm not so sure). The installer has two men in their early 20s as helpers - I couldn't help but notice that they were on their phones every chance they got. Is their generation going to able to use their own minds for thinking and entertainment?

The most excellent thing about the install is the water that's been trucked in. We thought we would be filling from the well (50F) which would: take days; and, be bloody cold for weeks! This water is 82F which is perfect for swimming. Hurray!

After the rain cleared up it turned into a perfect swimming day - what luck! Icy virgin mojitos clinked in frosty glasses as we relaxed on the swing, dipping ourselves into the refreshing water of the pool when it got too hot. Life is rough, eh! Bobbing around in the cool water on a warm evening, with glasses of icy bubbles in our hands is fantastic (that part may not actually happen but it is fun to think it might).

Yesterday, with the humidex at 42C, we stayed inside for the early part of the day until it was time to go to town where we were treated to a lovely supper at the Royal Oak by Jo Ellen and Don. It was good to see them again so soon, I hope that our next visit won't be too long from now. (good luck Jo)

Summer was a book of hope. That's why I loved and hated summers. Because they made me want to believe. ~Benjamin Alire Sáenz