Friday, July 24, 2015

Oh oh oh its magic you know...

Technology is wonderful! A thumb-sized bluetooth receiver can turn a regular stereo - house, car, you name it - into remote speakers for my tablet. I thought of buying portable bluetooth speakers, but since I already have a stereo in the house, and one in the camper, not to mention 2 regular portable speakers, I couldn't justify it. It would be one more thing cluttering my space. I knew there had to be an answer and sure enough there was. Amazon had the answer - I just had to chose the one that best meets my needs and press the button.

Magic arrived in the mailbox yesterday. I ripped open the package and connected this tiny apparatus to our stereo system, paired it with my tablet and soon music was pouring out of our speakers. Joy.  Today I tried it in the truck with the same wondrous results.

Small things bring happiness (especially for this techno-junkie!).

Yesterday we had friends Jo Ellen and Don over for the afternoon and supper. It had been way too long since the last time we saw them, but isn't that the way all too often. Spike went crazy. He loves Jo Ellen and greets  her with wild abandon, jumping and crying and running around. His greeting is totally over the top but who doesn't like to be loved with so much passion. I think his exuberant feelings come from his days at the office with me. Jo Ellen's office had the sun spot, but more than that, when it was appropriate (he was a working dog), she'd give him a lovely greeting that made him feel special.

Aside from a brief sprinkling of rain at supper time we were able to enjoy the back deck. Summer... Swing and conversation with good friends. As the day turned to dusk we gathered inside for our farewells - they wanted to get on the road before the deer were out. We were in the house for only a few minutes when we spied 4 fawns in the hayfield. No photos though, they disappeared the instant we stepped out the door. So much for getting on the road early!

The deer at dusk reminded me of driving from Buffalo, Alberta back to Medicine Hat. That route was peppered with deer and elk.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  ~Arthur C. Clarke

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