Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lying Supine

Tuesday was one of those days - you know, those summer days that are too hot and humid to do more than lie supine and sip cold drinks. There were rain showers in the morning, raising the humidity. The sun, once the sky cleared, was blistering hot, super-heating the moisture in the air. We had the awnings out for a while but the wind was flipping them around so we pulled them in, which meant a day inside with the AC. Not the worst thing in the world (books, tablet, music)! Until... the power went out... with no AC the temperatures inside started rising to match the outdoor inferno. We decided to take our chances with the wind and unfurl the awnings, stationing ourselves in the tiny patch of shade praying that the wind didn't shift. After a few hours the power was restored and soon after that the wind did shift, leaving us bare to the sun, relying on the AC again. FYI, the high was 36C with the humidex!

Please don't think that I am complaining about the heat and the weather, because I'm not!

One of the things I enjoy about camping here are the giant lakers and ocean going ships that glide past on the St. Lawrence Seaway, their diesel engines thumping. (right now: 'make it a laker') From the campsite the sound is a low thrumming sound, reverberating deep within. It must be deafening to be on the ship!

Today is perfect. We had rain overnight but the skies were clear by the time the dogs had to go out. Carm went to play golf while I lollygagged around, being lazy and somnolent. It figures though... on a day when I want to relax outside the lawnmowers were out in full force, disrupting the peaceful surroundings. I try to imagine it is waves crashing against the shore at Presqu'ile (with varying success).

Carm returned triumphant from golf but bearing nothing other than sweaty socks and an inedible white ball. He showered then we went into town for a few groceries (more lemonaid!). I made a stop at Tim's Place, a second hand store. I've made some good scores there in the past, but today I came away with just one book. Is it wrong to mark-up a book? I have every intention of using Hemingway's 'Farewell to Arms' for writing practice, but can't bring myself to write in my $0.50 copy.

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