Sunday, July 12, 2015

the rest of the week

Here it is Sunday afternoon and I haven't done a lick of writing, or much else for that matter. I've been a bit out of sorts, even with extra medications, but am carrying on, trying to fake a good mood (with little success). I find it nearly impossible to form sentences when I'm talking let alone writing them down, so you might want to close your browser now.

I'll do a recap of the last few days for my own benefit when I print my blog at the end of the year.

Thursday morning we went into Morrisburg to pick up something at the grocery store then drove to Iroquois to visit Trudie & Leo who are camped at a municipal campground. It is inexpensive compared to where we are, but in the space equal to our campsite there are at least 5 or 6 trailers crammed in. Nice if you are really social.  We decided to meet for supper at Sol that evening so came home so I could have a long nap (2 hours!).

Friday afternoon Bruce & Tina came for an overnight visit. They set up their tent on a suburb of the central anthill, hoping that it was unoccupied. Lots of icy drinks and one person who likes to sit in the sun made it possible to pass the afternoon. By 4pm the shade from the huge tree to the west dappled our site, giving some respite. It was hot, but not brutally so. Thankfully we were able to eat outside - Carm and I had to wear big hats to shade our faces from the lowering sun.

Saturday Bruce & Tina left around 1pm, we rushed into Morrisburg for something (and an ice cream), then returned to camp for a hot afternoon of naps and reading.

Sunday (today) we met Trudie & Leo at a local municipal golf course for breakfast - we got there at the end of a big rush so had a long wait. After we finally ate we met up again at the flea market where we all poked around aimlessly. It was hot so we didn't linger. When we got back to camp I took the dogs out for a quick out and even after 2 or 3 minutes they were panting from the heat. We stayed inside enjoying our big windows and the air conditioning. And I napped.

You may have sensed a trend... I have been so exhausted that I just can't stay awake in the afternoon, and the rest does seem to perk up my mood for a little while.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon.  ~Charles M. Schulz