Wednesday, April 11, 2018

another sea day and then to Jamacia

This is our fourth sea day so far (one more to go at the end of the week) and I'm pretty sure my travel pants will no longer fit. We've been eating and eating. Today we had lunch in the dining room: Thai Hot and Spicy soup, pasta carbonara, rice pudding. And that's just lunch. I'd already eaten breakfast: 1 small pancake, 1 egg, 2 slices bacon. And supper is still to come.

I think I wrote yesterday about the lovely beach. After posting my blog we drifted around the ship stopping to watch some music in a few places. Up on the deck for hip hop / Caribbean music, downstairs in the piazza for some steel drums. If you are adverse to loud music a cruise is not the place to be! Unless you want to hole up in your cabin.

We met some nice people for supper in the dining room, including two women from Canada. After supper we went to the theatre for a hilarious performance by a comedian, another Canadian. After the show we found chairs in the piazza to watch the dancing. It is all good fun.

Today we staked out some chairs by the pool and took turns getting our breakfast. The two chairs next to ours were already laden with towels and books, but the people didn't turn out for 2 1/2 hours... they  gave us heck for stealing chairs, but we pointed out that there were no towels on it, and anyway, it is against the rules to chair hog. This chair thing is very frustrating.

Supper was wonderful. We sat with another group of people, including one old guy who 'held forth' for much of the meal. He was a character... but it would have been nice to hear from a few of the other people :-/ At least he wasn't talking racist sh($.

It was formal night - Carm looked dashing in his suit and I looked okay in my grey dress. There were many more people dressed up than on our last cruise which had more young families.

The show was fantastic. We'd seen it last week and honestly, could watch it every week. We sat with Mary & Chuck, a couple from Colorado that we'd met the day before. We continued our conversation in Crooners after the show.

Well... all that above was yesterday. We got caught up in activities and I never did post it.

Today we woke up in Jamacia with the weather hot and sunny. I feel slightly guilty to be having such great weather when back home it is still winter. I'm just hoping that the cold weather is keeping the dogs from giving Pat trouble when she lets them outside!

We didn't have an excursion planned but got off the boat to wander around the dock area. Lots of souveenir shops full of junk and not much else. I did find another 'shift' to wear as a bathing suit cover-up and for lounging around our room. One isn't enough as it gets wet from the pool and isn't usable for the rest of the day, especially in our icy room.

After our sojourn outside we re-boarded the boat and headed to the pool. Lots of deck chairs today. We sat next to a lady who had just heard that her sister had passed away unexpectedly. I shed a few tears for her.

We had lunch at Alfredo's again - a delish pasta dish with veal ravioli and of course tiramaso for dessert.

My jeans are getting tighter...

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