Monday, April 9, 2018

Princess Cay again

We are enjoying another day at the beach in the Bahamas. Princess Cay is a private resort with sun, sea, and sand. We snagged a seat in the sun again (just barely), and spent a few hours swimming and relaxing on our loungers. And slathering ourselves with sunscreen. So far (touch wood), we haven't burnt ourselves which is no mean feat in the blazing sun.

Yesterday we were back in Fort Lauderdale, the end of the last 7 day cruise and the beginning of our last 7 days. Carm got up early and did a load of laundry, we went through customs, and then hung around the ship, moving from one entertainment area to the next.

They have a great show for sail away with the Princess dancers but with showers on the horizon they moved it to the inside Piazza. We were there a few minutes early and got seats right on the edge of the dance floor - we could have reached out and touched the dancers.

I did 27 flights of stairs yesterday.

With a new cruise came new people at dinner. Some of the ladies at our table had a deep south accent which was fun to listen to.

Politics... we've been avoiding the topic and certainly don't bring it up ourselves but there have been a few people who have something to say.

A few nights ago we had another formal night - I wore my blingy necklace and got lots of compliments. I've been dressing up for supper every night and I'll have to say that it is fun. It is such a big change from my usual jeans and tshirts, but the setting is perfect for dress-up.

Time for a nap to rest up for the rest of today's activities!

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