Friday, April 6, 2018

at sea again

Today is a sea day which is a day without a port stop and just the endless ocean around us. What it really is, is a day of moving from one eating event to the next...

We started with breakfast in the buffet. We seemed to have hit a busy time though as it was a zoo. We managed to find what we wanted (I usually have smoked salmon and some melon), but somehow some extras found their way onto my plate... burp.

After such piggery we decided to walk around before heading to our room where we lay like beached whales on the (comfortable) bed. Carm turned on MSNBC for some all Trump tv. I went for another walk. When I got back I saw on the schedule that there was a clearout sale down in the dining room. Carm joined me and we shopped, then walked. We sat in the piazza to listen to the piano player for a while, then the smell from Alfredos caught our attention.

In all our cruises so far we had never tried out this little Italian restaurant - today we changed that. The lunch was lovely and even included some mixed baby greens so I could feel virtuous (at least for a moment). We walked around some more then have come back to our cabin to watch some golf and so we could digest in prepareation for tonight's formal night in the dining room.

Next time I'll pack more elastic pants! And I'm wondering how I'll fit into my 'skinny' jeans for the trip home. I just may end up travelling in my bathing suit coverup :-/

Last night we ate at the Crown Grill, the ship's steakhouse. Oh my. Giant pieces of beef perfectly cooked. But first, I started with a fantastic prawn starter, and a 'black & blue' onion soup. Oh my, oh my.

The captain said it best when he said they treat dinner as an event. There is no rushing at the dining room (well not by us, the servers run their butts off). The tables are set with linen tablecloths, and silver flatwear shimmers on the white surface. The glasses are kept filled with ice water, and in fact I can hardly set a 1/2 filled glass down before it is filled again. There are always at least 3 courses, and if you choose a salad as well, 4. Thankfully the serving sizes are reasonable so we don't leave feeling totally gross and full.

After supper we attended another fantastic show. Princess is known for their entertainment and I'm not surprised, we've been to the theatre everynight and have not been disappointed. The shows are the highlight of our day.

Today we've avoided the pool, or at least I have. Carm went for a quick swim after his run this morning. He was the only one in the water, but even still, every single deck chair was already reserved with a towel, which is totally against the rules. When we walked past the pool on our way to breakfast the chairs were still mostly empty :-/

Oh well, it probably doesn't hurt to say out of the sun for a day, and luckily our balcony is on the shady side of the ship so we've been able to spend some time there.

Before I send this into the ether, I have to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my photo yesterday.

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