Thursday, April 5, 2018

our day in St. Martin

Carm was up bright and early to run on the track. I rolled over and went back to sleep... my legs are already rubber from stairs.

We had a nice dinner last night with the same people we ate with a few nights ago. Since it was a port day the dining room was fairly empty so we could have gone later, but we do like to make the 8pm show without having to rush. Carm and I both had a Pad Thai dish which was a bit disappointing - should have gone for the surf and turf but was feeling a little 'beefed' out (could that actually happen?)

After supper and the show (a pretty funny comedian), we changed shoes and went up to the Lido deck (that's the pool and buffet deck) where the Beatle Maniacs were playing. It was fun, energetic music. By 9:45 I was ready to chill on our balcony to watch our ship leave St. Thomas.

Lights twinkled on the houses perching up and down the hills, stars twinkled in the velvety sky. The air was warm and soft.

Today we woke up to blue skies again. We were already berthed in St. Martin/Marteen beside a smaller Holland America ship and the giant Allure of the Seas. We had a quick breakfast and then, slathered in sunscreen, walked off the ship into the town of Phillipsburg. We browsed the shops, sat in a few places for icy drinks, and then hot and sweaty walked back to the ship for a swim and a bit of quiet time (that's what I'm doing now).

One of the funny things we've seen are all these teenage girls taking selfies of themselves and each other in their bathing suits. I'm quite certain that if I were the mom I wouldn't want to see photos of my daughter plastered on the internet wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits. But I'm not young anymore so maybe I'm just jealous :-o

We have dinner reserved at the specialty dining room - a steak house that serves some of the best beef we've had (yes, more beef!!!!)

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