Monday, April 23, 2018

the proof is in the pudding

I made a terrible discovery today… I can make passable rice pudding in under 30 minutes using the instant pot. It isn’t nearly as good as the glop from Country Kitchen (I think it needs more cream for that), but it is a reasonable facsimile.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed yesterday for some supper I had a hankering for rice pudding. The creamy concoction seemed like it would perk me up and somehow make me feel better. But alas, I didn’t have the heart to send Carm out to the store and it didn’t occur to me that I could make my own. Not that I would have had the energy to anyway. But this morning I was feeling more capable and made a go of it. Now I have heaps (Carm is not a fan), luckily Grace likes it so she’ll help me finish it up… burp.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day!!!! It was hot enough for me to drag one of the lounge chairs out of the barn and soak up some rays. Surely a bit of vitamin D will help me through my misery. Looking out the window it is almost impossible to reconcile that just one week ago we were fresh from the Caribbean, without power, and everything covered with a thick layer of ice. How could it be that one week later I was in a camisole with flip flops enjoying the sun. Crazy!

I was reading back in my blog that some years we have our first camp on May the first. Well, that isn’t going to happen this year. We haven’t even put the slides out for the inaugural washing of every surface to clear away the flies and asian beetles. Usually by now we would have at least one supper in the villetta, usually with a bottle of bubbles. I’d normally be itching to get out there, but this year I can’t even be bothered to put the lantern back. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be so wiped out by coughing.

I think that because I’ve been sick, and the ice storm with its power outage, I’m having trouble repositioning myself back into reality. Cruising is weird as we are living in an alternate reality. There is nothing about it that is like home and I feel that I’m in a bubble or perhaps a happy twilight zone. Coming home to an emergency state was another twilight zone, that one not so happy. And here I am, back at home in a regular way, but still I feel buffered with cotton wool. One of these days I’ll be back to reality, maybe tomorrow.

Then I’ll get the slides out and start preparing for our next adventure!

Carm has gone to the driving range in prep for his first golf day of 2018 tomorrow.

She turned to the sunlight
   And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
   "Winter is dead.” “
~A.A. Milne

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