Wednesday, April 4, 2018

first day at sea

I haven’t felt hungry for a few days, and I’ll have to say that I never imagined that I would miss that sensation. We move from breakfast to lunch to supper to bedtime snack… Not to complain though! I can barely think about the instant pot.

Yesterday was a sea day so we drifted from activity to activity, starting (of course) with breakfast. From there we attended a Cruise Critic meet and greet. The captain and all his senior staff were there to introduce themselves and answer questions. It was an intimate gathering with 30 or so people.

Pool time was next on the agenda… oh oh. I think all 800 kids that are on board were in the pool and all their parents were taking all the deck chairs. We cruised around and finally found a spot in the shade (we lucked out as the pool attendent had just removed towels from chairs that might have been saved by someone. We weren’t shy and jumped on the lounges. It was a pretty quick swim though - kids jumping in practically over my head drove me to dry land. We enjoyed our chairs for some good people watching.

I guess we drifted around the ship for the rest of the afternoon with a break for a nap. Then we headed to Crooners for an adult drink, thinking we’d take it to the piazza - NOT. The 800 kids had left the pool and were now gathered on the main floor of the piazza for crafts. Mayhem, that was best watched from the safety of the 3rd floor.

We sat with another group of people for supper, 8 at the table this time. Too many people for real conversation. Sometimes we are glad for that though as we’ve run across a few racist people - not our style.

It was dress-up night so we put on our finery and strutted around, me teetering in my silver heels. Carm looked dashing in his suit, and me, well, I was okay in my grey cocktail dress. I didn’t spill on myself, but I do have to remember not to order soup. The tremor in my hand had soup splashed all over the white linen tablecloth :-(  

The show was a big Dance production show and was up to Princess standards. It was very entertaining. The night before was Beatles Mania, another fantastic show.

We are having a good time, but we haven’t met anyone yet that we’ve really clicked with. Perhaps meeting Lana and Peter on our last cruise was a fluke and not the norm. We haven’t lost hope though!

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