Sunday, April 1, 2018

hurry up and wait

Travelling is like stepping into another dimension. From the moment we loaded our suitcases into the car on Saturday morning it was a blur of hurry up and wait. It was clear that we’d left our home dimension and were now in an alternate dimension of hard seats, rushing, waiting, and discomfort. First line was to check our bag, then through the first level of security, then through security gates where I was chosen as the random passenger to step through the booth. Shuffle here, shuffle there, shuffle shuffle everywhere.

The flight was good but a little bumpy. For once I was glad to be a short person as we were crammed into narrow seats. The guy sitting next to me was well over 6’ and couldn’t stretch his legs out. The misery!!!

Once in Fort Lauderdale, we waited for an hour before the hotel shuttle showed up, and to make up for it the driver dropped Carm and another woman off at the giant wine store, while her husband and I were taken to the hotel. Wrangling 3 bags made me yearn for Carm’s bag to be a 4 wheeled model and not the old fashioned two wheel dragester. I managed though, but imagine that not one of the 100s of boy scouts in the hotel came to my rescue ;-)

The hotel was nice, but even though I was dirt tired, my brain would not slow down enough for me to sleep. I was unfortunately awake at 7am when the alarm went.

Now, we are in our stateroom, having gotten onto the ship at 11:30. We’ve walked around, had lunch in the dining room (medallions of beef tenderloin for me, salmon for Carm), had a swim, and are now waiting for muster. So far so good!

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