Thursday, June 28, 2018

heat wave in our future

A massive heat wave is bearing down on us, and while some people might not be happy about it, I am thrilled to jump into summer with both feet. Or is that both feet into the crystal clear waters of the pool? Today there'll be a bit of rain to soften the ground up and feed the wilting plants. It has been dry, terribly dry.

Nothing exciting has happened over the last week, but there have been the simple pleasures of living in the country. The fragrance of summer plants and the heat of the sun brighten every day. I think my favorite thing about summer is the smells. Winter is austire, summer is a riot. What is that quote? 'the earth laughs in flowers' or something to that effect. It's true. Clover, vetch, some little purple flowers, bright yellow ones, all tuck themselves amoung the taller grasses. Weeds? Some would say that, but I rejoice in each blossom.

We have had some lovely social interludes. Tuesday Jo Ellen and Don came for supper. We sat outside on the swing enjoying the late afternoon until it was time to make supper. We were having a simple supper of rice cooked with  pork & red pepper, and roasted green beans, so it was a matter of turning on the actifry and a bit of work with the instant pot. Easy Peasy!

After supper we relaxed on the swing until the first mosquito showed its face.

Wednesday night we were lucky enough to be invited to Trudie & Leo's for some turkey burgers. After supper the topic turned to shoes and before the conversation had barely started Trudie had 2 pairs of sandals for me to try on. They were too small for her, but fit me perfectly. They are super comfortable with cushy soles and leather uppers. I had to make room on my shoe shelf this morning :-)

Through all of that and some days last week, I was visiting with my brother Graham. Olaf was in town but some mixed up communications meant that I didn't get to see him. Note to self: skip the middle man in making plans...

I can't forget to include the morning spent with Christina and her puppy Devi. I got some hands-on puppy time :-) Which was fun, and reminded me that having a puppy is no relaxing walk in the park. There is no sitting back with your feet up when every moment is a training time of some sort.

There is no puppy in my foreseable future... I figure that I need a good year at home with no trips away (other than camping, lots of that will be a good thing), before I could leave it in the care of a sitter. And with FIVE cruises already booked that isn't happening anytime soon :-0

Yes... you read right... we've got 5 cruises booked over the next 2 years. TWO years!!! What are we thinking? It gives me anxiety just thinking of it. The problem with us, and that's both of us, is that when we start doing something we are almost obsessive. Take camping: the first 8 years we camped almost 90 nights a year, even when we were working. Horses? we were up to 11 at one point. Parrots? We started with one pet and ended up with 5 breeding pairs, plus one pet. No, we don't do things in a half hearted way. Dogs? Three, sometimes four.

I don't know if it's my bipolar tendancies that let us get carried away, or maybe Carm and I are both wired that way, but we don't do anything in small degrees.

I can't forget to mention that the hairdresser had a field day on my head on Monday, leaving me shorn like a poodle. I've gotten used to it I guess. I was bored yesterday and decided it would be better pink - it is!

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