Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday, monday

The rain came down in buckets at times last night. It was nice to be so cozy in the camper, the sound of raindrops on the roof easing me to sleep. Luckily it stopped in time for our morning walk. We didn't do the whole loop, instead we skirted around puddles and mucky areas to keep mainly on the grass. We dashed back inside before the rain could catch up with us again.

I main sure I was decent to be able to say goodbye to Christine and Peter. Oh, the working years... it used to be us leaving early to get back to work. After they pulled out we arranged another supper at our place. With the weather keeping us inside we kept it to the same 6 people as last year: Andy & Edna, Mark & Marilyn, Carm and I. We'll keep the camper warm with laughter.

I made Italian beef in the instant pot this afternoon while we visited with Mark & Marilyn. Then we split ways for lunch and a dog walk (the dogs and I got caught in the rain), then we joined up with them again for an afternoon at Costco (girls) and Princess Auto (men). Time flies when you are having fun.

The rest of the afternoon the sun was in and out of the clouds like a yo-yo. We didn't know from one moment to the next if it will be hot and sunny or rainy and cold. Such is June.

I was going to add photos of our supper festivities, but by the time I was back from the campfire (now... 10 pm), the last thing I want to do is start fussing with my camera... so sufice it to say... we had a lovely supper with Andy & Edna, and Mark & Marilyn (or did already say that - hard to tell as this software break things up by section and it is hard to look back on what I've already said.).

We (the dogs and Carm and I) will be cuddling up tonight as we can see our breath in the air. Brrrr.

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