Saturday, June 2, 2018

sunny Saturday

I was awake before Spike this morning. Could it have been the wild wind rattling the vent over our bed, or the icy breeze blowing down on me? Either one, I got up, got dressed, put on a coat and walked the dogs. The cold wind made them a little more frisky than they had been but we managed.

Wildlife this morning: 1 rabbit, 1 snapping turtle. Did I mention yesterday's critters? One beaver and 1 snapping turtle.

There was no point in staying up so I got back in my pjs and crawled under the warm comforter for another few hours. Even the naughtiest of dogs is always happy to go back to bed and doesn't stir until a human gets up.

It was a slow morning until brunch at Mark & Marilyn's place. After that it was time to do some grocery shopping to prepare for tonight's pot luck supper.

The day passed like the others... lazy with moments of social butterfly talks. Then it was time to get the meatballs into the instant pot (5 min), and to get ready for the pot luck. The men gathered early and like strongmen muscled a bunch of tables into a row along the road. Surely there'd be seats enough for everyone... or not. One more table was added for the food - two long picnic tables groaned under the load of food. Would there be enough for everyone? Well, in fact, yes. And then some.

After supper was tidyed up, we gathered around the campfire. At one point, with the light of flickering flames lighting our legs, we stood and watched the miracle of science fly over our heads. The space station made a beautiful arc high above the horizon. It was a strange juctiposion of caveman fire and 20th century science.

I did take a few photos tonight (and spilled a glass of wine all over my camera - thank goodness it is waterproof), but it is 10:15 and I am exhausted. Maybe tomorrow will be illustrated.

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