Friday, June 8, 2018

home sweet home

The turbulence from a hundred transport trucks buffeted us most of the way home. I am always happy when we exit the 401 onto highway 416, and so it was today. Too soon to breath a sigh of relief as there are still a few obstacles between the exit and home.

We were not paying attention when the exit to our way home flashed by... on to the next exit with miles of crappy roads that are falling apart at the edges. Luckily there was a long stretch in the middle with decent pavement.

Next bit of fun? Backing the giant trailer into our laneway and along side our house. I dread it as we've had some pretty nasty fights getting backed in. Today though: perfect. Carm only had to stop when he was almost at the final resting place to cut down a tree that had miraculously grown in our absence. Now we could breath a sigh of relief.

It didn't take too long to get the essentials unloaded and then we had time for a bit of lunch and a well deserved coffee.

There wasn't much rest for Carm though - the grass hadn't taken a vacation while we were gone and turned the yard into a hayfield. I guess cutting the grass is one way to burn off all those dinners out (I think we only ate 2 in the camper). I'd spell him a bit but it is a 'person propelled' mower and our lawn is a bumpy plot with no smooth bits. Instead I'll sit inside and eat bon bons ;-)

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