Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blustering Winter Wind

Today's word of the day is susurrous (full of whispering sounds). It reminds me of days spent under a light canopy of leaves, the warmth of the summer breeze caressing my skin while the leaves send susurrous messages of welcome to the birds. Its good to think back on summer on a dark, cold and windy morning.

Burrrr. Hurry up and let us back inside...
Winter is really here - today's drive into work was snowy and slippery, and cold -6C. There was blowing snow from a wicked wind as we drove into work this morning. The wind was not susurrous but blustering and roaring as it crashed against everything in its way.

I was at work today where its hard to think of Idle Pleasures (other than today's yummy Thai lunch). The dingy green fabric walls block all light from the outside while the overhead flourescent lights flicker overhead - not an environment of inspiration or pleasure. I hope that finding these pleasures will be much easier when I'm retired and at home, although really they are most important on working days and I should try harder to find them.