Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Real Meaning for Feather Brained

The thing I'm learning about Idle pleasures is that anything can be one - you just have to stop the running commentary in your head and just live in the moment, savoring whatever it is that you are experiencing. That being said, it takes practice and constant reminders to myself. And it's harder on an overcast day (like today).

Today's word of the day is cohesive (koh-HEE-siv : exhibiting or producing a condition in which people or things are closely united). Working as a cohesive unit they wove their way through the dollar store crowds in their search for wrapping paper and other Christmas trinkets.

Like a ray of sunshine in a dreary day, Grace's cheerful whistles and chatter brought light and happiness to our home. Eventually, as if it heard the whistled summons, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds for a few glorious minutes.
Grace is not feather brained, or if she is she gives new meaning to the word as she often surprises us with her intelligence. For example, a couple of Christmases ago I was standing on a chair putting up decorations. The chair moved (it was on wheels) and I nearly fell - right away Grace called out "Are you okay?", I answered her with a yes and then proceeded to get up on the same chair. She immediately warned me to "Be careful!". I had to stop and laugh and yes, at that point I got another chair.

I decorated the house today - it finally looks like Christmas. We didn't end up getting a real tree but instead went into the basement and dragged out a 23+ year old fake one that's 3 1/2 feet tall and has 9 branches max. It could be the most lame tree on the planet - and perhaps the most depressing one as well.