Friday, December 24, 2010

Glorious Day before a Holy Night

I took a break this morning during my preparations to indulge in one of my favorite idle pleasures - lying down on the futon in a sun spot with the dogs and a good book. Spike had just had a bath so was damp and cold - he wanted to snuggle up. Kabira was warm and stretched out, Bella was curled up against my legs. My favorite choral Christmas music was playing. I had a yummy cup of coffee with eggnog (not spiked!). It really doesn't get much better than that.

Our local dairy has a version of eggnog which is the best commercial one that I've tasted. I've been putting it in hot chocolate, and this morning my coffee. Its rich, creamy and yummy. Its so good it doesn't need any additions, although tonight I'll try it with some rum - just for research purposes of course!

This afternoon as I stepped outside to get the mail "Holy Night" was playing, one of my favorite carols. Walking down the laneway I was struck by what a glorious day it was. I wished that I had to words to describe it or a carol to rejoice in its beauty.

The word of the day today is invincible (in-VIN-suh-bul adjective -incapable of being conquered, overcome, or subdued). One could say that my excitement is invincible but that's not really the correct use of the word, even though it does seem impossible that I will overcome it. However, saying that when I'm at this level of excitement (or mania) that I feel invincible probably is correct.

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and had an early tourtiere supper. My brother Olaf from New Zealand arrives with his wife Tammy late tonight, and my brother Graham stayed home with his family so that they might start their own family tradition (what's wrong with the one we have?). My sister Kirsten, also from New Zealand is not with us again this Christmas - this will be the 3rd one in a row that we've missed having her and her family with us. So it was just my parents and I for Christmas Eve. A bit sad. In the past we've had a traditional Norwegian Christmas Eve with ludefisk (cod soaked in lye - yes you read right - you have to develop a taste for it - or not), lefse (potato pancake, like tortilla), and other trimmings. After supper, in case the kids are not excited enough, we hold hands and jump around the kitchen shouting "Santa is coming, Santa is coming". Then my dad reads "The Night Before Christmas", we hang up our stockings and then get Santa's cookies ready. Its a nice tradition.

Merry Christmas Everyone!